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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  July 22, 2017 1:37am-2:07am PDT

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>> she going crazy? >> she's been going nuts. >> look, look, look. >> it's so weird looking. >> oh. >> dude, it's rolling around. >> well, on july 16th, 2:30 p.m., it was showtime. they had the entire setup for the home delivery there. they had a midwife or doula there to assist them in the entire process including the birthing pool. she's got those well wishes on the wall reminding her of all the love that she has. and finally at 6:38 p.m., she has arrived. >> she's got some sweet little cheeks you just want to kiss. >> she's about to pull her first prank. you wait. >> she gets checked. she's breathing. her heart's beating. they have a very healthy baby girl. >> oh! >> 8.5. >> that's what i said. >> really? >> toward the end of the video, the family is able to meet their new member and everybody just hugging and loving her up.
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>> i love this whole at home process. it seems more endearing and warm. >> they're happy after waiting so long to have their baby girl with them. >> our baby girl is here. like, i'm so excited. oh, she yawned for you. you don't have to do the yawn. >> oh, my goodness. >> so worth it. it's quarter to 3:00 in the morning. >> you know that voice. >> yes. those are the tones of simon cowell of wildlife aid in the uk. he's gotten a call from a family out in the country. they said they've got a fox in the house. there you see the first look at the fox. the fox not exactly scared of humans. and so simon says the best thing for them to do is to call him and get that thing out of there. >> there's a lot of hiding places in the house. obviously it's going to make it a lot harder for him. >> finally the fox hides in the corner behind a stack of stuff.
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the fox is like, i don't want to go. i don't want to go. >> that poor fox looks like he's trying to blend into the stuff in the corner. >> go for the stuffed toys and just freeze. >> even though it's found a really good hiding place, simon knows where it is and simon eventually is able to finally get that fox under control. >> simon's pretty gentle about everything too. he's not running around causing this fox any more stress. he's composed the whole time. >> all right, fella. let's get you home. give you some dinner. >> he puts a fox in a crate and notices something. he has an injury to the eye. so simon takes him back to wildlife aid where the vet looks at it. once they put a guard over its mouth, they can see what's wrong with this guy. >> that's an ulcer. >> yikes. >> it has an ulcer in the eye. believe it's result of a puncture. not going to get 100% vision back in the eye. but with treatment, it will return some of it. >> after three weeks of
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treatment, the fox's eye was looking much better. and we had managed to save more of his vision than we had first thought. >> cool. wizard, man. he's a wisconsin ward. -- wizard. >> they released the fox back to where it needed to be. out running around doing its thing chasing rats and chickens. sometimes it's fun to do something stupid. >> wandering the streets of hong kong looking for a rooftop to scale. and he's not alone this time. he's got a buddy who likes to do the same thing. that right there. >> though know it's raining out. things are slippery. >> they do. that's a big part of this video. they're already on the staircase. >> going to the roof. >> the security guy spotted them in the lift. so shouting at them through the speaker. while they don't speak cantonese, they realize they're in trouble. they decided let's just keep going. kind of wondering are these guys
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getting up to? i'll tell you what. if you run around tops of buildings, how do you get started in your day? you get started like this. this looks to be pretty stormy weather in hong kong. get up on top of this building, give themselves a shower. >> because you want to look good for that mugshot. >> you're probably right in that regard. they're back in the lift now and heading back to the lobby. they know the security guy is looking for them. he knows they're there. they walk out -- and security's got something to say. so of course they stick around to listen. no, they don't. they just leg it out the door. being chased by that security guard. they're young enough, they get away. and live to wash their hair another day. not the only video from hong
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ko kong. this with oleg doing something that made my heart skip the a beat on the side of this building. >> don't do it. please. >> yes. on the side of the building. >> dude. >> and then -- >> holy smokes. >> to get the sweat off his palms much like i have right now. before the video ends, i'm assured he's fine. >> that's gnarly. there's a huge culture of people online that like to watch live streaming. this guy is named ice poseidon. he's a popular streamer. he was convinced to do a sleeping stream by the people watching. they wanted to just watch him sleep. so he agreed but on one condition. they could still post their comments, but in order to have their comments text to talk, it would cost them $100 donation.
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he set it that high because he figured nobody would be that silly to donate. after he did that, he went to sleep. >> okay. i'm going to sleep now. have a good night, everybody. >> here's what happened in the next eight hours. >> he made 8,000 bucks. >> approximately 40 minutes into his sleep -- >> knock knock, paul. >> his first hundred-dollar donation came in. that person was able to play a sound through his computer speakers. >> [ bleep ], man. >> the stream starts going crazy with people laughing out loud. >> he's not going to sleep this night. >> nope. and he thinks it's hysterical. >> he's laughing all the way to the bank. [ yelling ] >> he's going to have messed up dreams. >> if he gets to sleep at all. this goes on and on and on. ♪ >> that would drive me crazy.
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>> it starts streaming in loud edm music. >> i can't believe people are paying a hundred dollars to play a sound. >> it's just weird. it's because they're all part of this community. they're all taking part in this live moment and everyone's finding it amusing. for them it makes perfect sense. >> so how much money did he end up making? >> here's the funny part about this. you were joking at the beginning of this when you said he made $8,000. he raked in $5,000 for doing nothing but trying to sleep. >> wow. >> that's mine now. little girl's getting a very special gift. >> who doesn't want a wonderful minnie mouse dress? >> with a tutu like that? sign me up. >> oh, yeah. >> but see why the gift giving is just beginning. next. surf's up, but someone's got this wave all wrong. >> are you kidding me? >> i am not kidding. >> see the safety boat fly coming up on "right this minute." joey here is a chihuahua.
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closed captioning provided by -- icyhot lidocaine patch. desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. new icyhot lidocaine patch. an unusual sight at the world surf league championships. >> watch this ten-point ride coming up. what the heck?
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look at this. gliding across the top. >> my goodness. >> are you kidding me? >> i am not kidding. that was a safety boat that was nearly caught in one of the break zones. so the pilot here of that boat saw what was happening and realized there's one way out of this. and it's to just surf the wave. now watch it again in slow motion and listen to the commentators todd kline and ronnie blakely call this like it's an actual surfer. >> look at this high line trim. >> can you believe he held that together? no problem. got this. >> a lot of people were saying ten. >> gliding across the top. this next move, kind of the opposite of flawless. this is described as a tourist in turkey climbing up a children's plastic slide set. he's apparently been drinking. according to some reports coming out surrounding this video.
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>> only thing we're going to hear is the sound of, like, a sack of potatoes hitting concrete. that's my prediction. what did i tell you! i hate that sound. >> he landed right on his face. >> play it again. >> of course. it is sherry's birthday. but her friends decided we should give gifts to everybody. dad dave looks in his bag. they are luggage tags. >> what is that? >> maybe you need that for california. >> i know. you're about to go on a trip. >> but then mom takes out some socks. >> what about this? yeah. >> then it's time to open the box. >> oh, my gosh. >> like, who doesn't want a wonderful minnie mouse dress? >> with a tutu like that?
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sign me up. >> oh, yeah. it's not over. because it's sherry's birthday and it's time to give her her card. that's when the surprise really just washes right over her face. >> what is that? >> what is this? a bunch of people have given you a birthday present. we're going to disney. >> we all get presents. >> really? >> yeah. >> i've never seen a disney surprise involving the parents. >> yeah. >> sherry has a friend named jessica, and jessica says that sherry was diagnosed with stage four cancer three years ago. the doctors gave her two to four years to live. she's three years into that diagnosis. she says she's doing well, getting treatment. but it was important for her to go to disney world again. she's been, but her husband hasn't been and her daughter olive hasn't been. now that olive is a little older, she wants to make sure she makes that memory with her. this woman has been able to raise $20,000 for the md
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anderson cancer research center. a bunch of people said we're going to help them out. they started a you caring campaign so they can go on a five-day drip and nice hotel and pay for airfare to they can enjoy that time together. and not worry about paying for that and cancer treatments as well. >> that's very sweet of the people around her. >> little olive is the perfect age. it's going to be one of those memories she never forgets. they call her the mummy girl -- >> she can't enjoy the touch of mom or dad. >> see her video story next. it's the latest social media challenge. >> it's called the drive by dunk challenge and it's exactly like it says. >> a game i could never play. >> see how it's played coming up on "right this minute."
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and 99% perspiration.n here's to the 99%. gold bond powder spray. anytime. anywhere. stay cool, america. little lilly here is only 3 years old but she's already being called the real life mummy. why? that is because she was born with a very rare condition called recesssive epidermolosiberdoma we've seen that on the show before. and for her even the smallest amount of friction on her skin causes it to break. and this could potentially be fatal for her. >> it's so sad to see these kids in such distress and pain. and to think that they can't enjoy the touch of mom or dad. >> what you always see with these kids is they're just so resilient in incredible ways. >> in her case, she was born and doctors noticed a few days later
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she had blisters in her mouth. that was the first clue into her condition. so they knew that they had to take her care incredibly serious. and that is why every single day they have to coat her skin in that ointment and wrap her limbs in special bandages that do once they're complete make her look a little bit like a mummy. but you see everywhere else, she's kind of a normal kid. you know, she likes playing the piano. she still likes to play as much as she can without getting hurt. >> what is somebody's prognosis looking into the future with something like this? >> some people are able with the proper care, able to live many years with this condition. in fact, we've seen kids with similar conditions on the show that are now teenagers. they have to be so incredibly careful. the good thing is her entire community is coming together to help her out. she is undergoing a treatment that will heopefully help her
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condition and help her live a long healthy life. demonstrating the latest challenge, it's called the drive-by dunk challenge. it's exactly like it says. then you dunk in their yard, get back in your car. and repeat. >> this is a game i could never play. >> some people have little kids, oli. if you see a tiny to thes version of a basket, try that. >> well, this guy, he goes to several homes and avails himself of the basket. if i was a homeowner and i saw that, i would just laugh. >> you got to be careful when
1:56 am
you're trespassing on somebody else's property. some people don't dig that and may come after you aggressively. >> when these trends catch on, they happen everywhere and you know we're going to hear something in the next week or so. >> i would give somebody the benefit of the doubt if they dunk in my yard. >> it's cute, but i hope they don't run into someone with a real bad sense of humor. these two are hatching a plan for a night out without the mrs. >> this is never going to work. rookie mistake. >> see how this one ends com
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and they can pee anywhere. >> this is true. watermelon showdown. ♪
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decent. you coming? >> yeah, i'll be up for that. i can't. i promised jess we'd have dinner tonight. >> are you serious? >> wait, hang on. yeah. i've got a plan. >> you think you're going to outsmart your lady just to get away with your plans. these guys put this video together to teach you how to get out of plans with your mrs. to go hang out with the buddies. >> you come in looking distressed. tell her i've been in an accident. she'll tell you to go help. meanwhile, i'll sneak in, you distract her, i'll change the numbers on her phone so she can't verify the story. >> yeah. it's a very well thought out plan. >> this is never going to work. rookie mistake. >> they even have a getaway car,
1:59 am
a change of clothes for him. >> we have a quality night out. no one ever needs to know. >> oh, yeah. foolproof plan. so good. step-by-step how-to. what could go wrong? >> good buddies there. they got your back. >> uh-huh. all right, now it's time to implement this mission impossible plan. >> let's do it. >> oh, my god. an accident. i don't care how much blood there is, i have plans with my girlfriend. >> you're not going out tonight. >> she knows he's lying to her. so yeah. don't try to pull a fast one on your lady. just go to dinner with her. she'll let you go next time. >> let you go. that's our show. be sure to check out for lots more fun content or catch us on the next brand new episode of "rtm."
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it looked like something yucky. when i picked up the airbrush for the first time, i could see the difference. i thought, "this is the one. this is the one that's gonna work." >> announcer: our new and improved luminess airbrush with our new no-mess tip now makes airbrushing even easier and more controllable. this new tip eliminates overspray and gives you complete control. just watch how luminess air makes this age spot disappear. there's no traditional makeup in the world that can do this. only airbrush with luminess air. it really is this fast and easy. >> i'm gonna show you how easy it is to go from naked face to beautiful coverage using the luminess airbrush. i have some problem areas, like this big sun spot here that isn't going away, and it tends to get a little darker, especially in the summertime. i also have redness and rosacea on my cheeks and ny nose area, so i have a challenge trying to cover everything up, but yet have it not be too heavy so that it accentuates the wrinkles. i like to use about four drops.
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